will having a bat house increase bats nesting in eaves?

For bat houses, is it true that this will increase the likelihood of bats nesting in the eaves if the bat house becomes full? How do I prevent this problem?

Generally speaking, this will not happen. Remember, the inside of a bat house is vastly different from the eaves of your home. Bats need and prefer protection from many things including temperature, rain and bright lights. And though a bat house can provide a tranquil environment conducive to keeping and maintaining bats, it’s not likely our eaves are nearly as hospitable. So if you had bats in a BAT HOUSE you installed, chances are high they’d stay right there.

Over time the colony could grow too large for the house and when this happens, some may “spill” out to the surrounding area. So if you find your Bat House is filling up, install another. If the house gets too full of bats, they’ll most likely move away to a more accommodating space rather than try living outside the bat house amongst the eaves.

In summary, getting a bat house does not increase the odds of getting bats somewhere they’re not wanted. But keep in mind if you ever get a bat problem and find them hanging around the home in the “wrong” location, give us a call. I’m sure we’ll have some suggestions on how you can make them move away.

Bat House Catalog:  http://www.bats-house.com/bat-houses