where to install bat house

We live in a one-story territorial house with no gables or high areas. If we purchased a bat house kit, could we attach it to our backyard wall or to a tree? Thanks.

If you read through our BAT HOUSE MOUNTING GUIDELINES, you’ll learn that the side of a home or other structure is actually a good place to mount a bat house. I would try there if possible. Especially if you see bats active in the area.

A tree can be used to but as explained in our guidelines, you want to use a tree which is easy to access meaning it doesn’t have any limbs or leaves in the flight path way which would effectively repel or keep bats away. It’s important your house placement be “user friendly” so if a tree is used, the bats must be able to find and fly to the home without having to navigate a tight area. Also, tree mounts tend to be risky for bats whereas the side of the home is a much safer location.

Bat House Mounting Suggestions:  http://www.bats-house.com/bat-house-mounting-guidelines