pole for mounting bat house

I have one of your 4 chamber bat houses but I have no pole/mount for it yet. Do you sell long poles or posts, and mounts, for this? If not, can you please refer me to someone who does sell them?

We don’t sell the poles since they’re so expensive to ship. Fortunately there are common things available that can be found in most any home center that will work great. The more common poles to use are cyclone fence poles. If you have a local retailer that sells cyclone metal fencing, they should have the poles used to hold the fence up. Not the poles that go into the ground but rather the ones that run horizontal to the ground and support the actual fence. These can usually be found in 20 foot lengths or more making them ideal for mounting bat houses.

Another option is to use 2 long 2×4 studs. These can be found in most any home center in lengths that can reach 16-20 feet. If you take 2 of these and bolt them together and then set the pole into the ground at least 2 feet down for every 5 feet of height, you should have a strong enough pole to secure our 4 CHAMBER BAT HOUSE whether it’s a regular or large size.