how can I attract bats to my bat house?

This past summer I placed out a bat house I got at a local hardware store. It’s made from recycled plastic and seems to be similar to yours. So far I don’t have any bats and I’m sure they left for the winter. How can I attract some so next year maybe they’ll move into my house?

First, the plastic houses haven’t done well attracting or harboring bats. Whether it’s the temperature inside them or what they’re made of we don’t know. But we do know that getting bats to move into them is near to impossible. I suggest you consider replacing it with a proven model like one that we have listed on our BAT HOUSE page.

Second, make sure you follow all the MOUNTING GUIDELINES we have posted. And using some BAT CALL can really help. If you get one of ours, be sure to install it in the next month or two so it will have time to cure and be ready for next spring.