PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Small device, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, which is able to receive bat sonar and change it to an audible sound so that people can track bat movement. It is constructed of hard plastic, has an on/off switch along with a transducer which is much like the ones used on fishing boats. This transducer is able to receive bat signals which are then converted to sound in a range humans can hear and played through a speaker. Sounds are then heard as a series of clicks which tend to increase as bats identify food or communicate amongst themselves. This communication process is very common in colonies where females are nursing babies.

WHAT TO USE IT FOR: Use it anywhere you want to see if bats are active. Simply go outside around dusk and point the Bat Detector to the sky. If there are bats in the area, the Bat Detector will pick up their sonar and start to sound. Once you establish contact, spend some time monitoring which side of your home is most “bat active” and use this information to help decide where to mount your bat house.

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