bat house and bat lure question

I ordered a bat house recently and some bat lure. I’d like to know where to put the bat lure. It says to put it on the landing pad but that is not clear to me. Is there a video or a picture of how to do this? Thanks.

Sorry but we don’t have a picture on how to do apply the BAT LURE. But it’s not hard to do. Basically you just need to smear some on the landing pad of your house.

The landing pad is the section that’s down at the bottom just under the entry slots. On our PLYWOOD HOUSES, this would be the area with the screening that takes up the bottom 25% of the house just under where the bats will roost. Small dabs using 1/2 of a teaspoonful will work. Basically just dab it on and rub it down nice and smooth.

Now if you have a CEDAR BAT HOUSE with a landing pad that’s essentially grooves that have been cut into the house itself, smear the BAT CALL into the grooves.

You should also apply 1 full teaspoonful up inside the house as well. This should be done on any of our houses and smearing it onto any side, back or front, will do the job.

Reapply the Bat Call in the spring and summer about every 3 months. So in most regions, twice a year applications will be plenty.

Bat Call:

Plywood Bat Houses:

Cedar Bat Houses: