Bat Call Lure

Bat lure is used to attract bats to bat houses. Designed by a professional animal re-locator, this lure uses bat guano (bat droppings) along with other secret ingredients to produce a natural scent which bats find attractive. By using Bat Call in a bat house, you will increase the odds of bats finding your house. This in turn will increase the odds that bats will occupy it and ultimately move in.

If you reside in a part of the country where bats leave for the winter, Bat Call will probably work best for you in the spring and summer months. Apply 1/2 ounce on the landing pad of our bat houses and then another 1/2 ounce between the chambers. Be sure to spread it evenly over these areas which will create a light, uniform scenting that will radiate throughout the house. By “scenting” your bat house, bats which are looking for roost sites will perceive the house to be a location which has been in use. Since bats will readily seek areas where other bats are roosting the smell of Bat Call will attract bats to any bat house on which it is applied. If you reside in the south where bats are active throughout the fall and even into the winter months, you can apply some quarterly. Many of the southern zones have mild winters through which bats remain active. Geographical areas like this are more likely to have bats year round so applications of Bat Call will not go to waste.

Store unused portions in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and renew applications every 3 months. As soon as bats are living in your bat house there is no need to keep applying it. Monitor the bats and don’t apply any just because they are gone for a season. Bats are territorial and will leave regions for extended periods of time only to return to old roost sites. Allow at least 6 months before you apply any Bat Call to abandoned houses as it is most likely your bats will return without the need for any more lure to be used.

Bat Call comes in a 4 ounce jar. For all our small cedar houses as well as our regular plywood designs, you only need to use 1 ounce per application (1/2 oz on landing pad and 1/2 oz inside). Apply Bat Call to the house as described above; spread 1/2 ounce on the landing pad and then another 1/2 ounce inside on the dividing chambers. If you have one of our large cedar or large plywood houses, you will need to use 2 ounces per placement. These larger houses require more scent.

Bat Call will keep indefinitely if refrigerated and should last 2-3 months once applied. Bat Call will invoke curiosity from most any bat which is native to North America but works best for little brown and big brown species, the two which are most common in our continent.

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